Hey! I'm a Nerd-girl!!!

Not the kind with creepy glasses and a pizza look face! But in my soul, in my heart and my cybernetic brain, I'm a nerd! Proof: I know every words of the tru three star wars movies, I'm a witch in WOW, a ninja on rpg table Exalted, and I lead an elven army in Uncharted seas! So, I'm proud to be geek!

Feast: Food to Celebrate Life

I can say, without embarrassment, that it took Nigella Lawson to get me to cook. Through her words, wisdom, and her book "Forever Summer" - with it's abundance of lamb, mint, and lemon - Nigella not only introduced me to the ease of cooking, but also to the mystery of spices and spice mixtures such as Sumac and Zatar. And perhaps, more importantly, Nigella and "Forever Summer" provided me with a healthy portion of reliable recipes to cook, eat, and enjoy with friends. "Feast," is like part two of my culinary education. "Feast" is full of recipes for good food, cookable food, the kind of food you want to eat. The kind of food you want on your table when you celebrate, entertain family and friends, or when it's just dinner for two or even one. True to Lawson's style, nothing is to fussy or labor intensive. Whatever labor you put in you get back ten-fold in the results. While Lawson does occasionally borrow from her earlier books like "How To Eat" and "Nigella Bites," it's only to offer up a different version of the dish, and it's often even better. And, it's refreshing that when Nigella uses a recipe found in another cookbook, she gives credit to the chef and the book. Then of course she twists and tweaks the recipe: making it even better.

I love meeting hot chicks!

Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast

This is the first Nigella cookbook I've owned and it is really good! I would highly recommend it. My kids love all the recipes we've tried and are always asking me if I'm going to make something from my new cookbook. Since I am a novice cook, I've found that the recipes are easy to follow and are spot on. The results of my cooking actually look like the picture ( which is quite a miracle for me)! I also enjoy the conversational tone of her book, and the pointers she throws in here and there...almost like having a friend in the kitchen showing you how. I saw one reviewer who complained that the ingredients were difficult to find; however, I live on an island with very limited shopping options and have been able to find most of the ingredients. It took a little hunting around at my local grocery store, since I didn't know what section to look in, but I found them!  

Yeah, i's me in my kitchen... Hot like Nigella!

Happy Valentine Sweetheart!

Happy Valentine my dark and so naughty angel! Love ya!

Night with me!

Hey! I'm not dead, like Pink said! I'm just totaly busy and always in love with my hot girl, who's sadly far away for me, for a chance to taking job in Arizona... Yerk! But it's cool for her, and I wait for her hands on my breast, her tongue in my mouth, so, now I'm a prostitute! lol! Noooo it's a joke, I just keep out for fresh air, and it's to freshy for me!

Blue Mound State Park

back to Wisconsin, in my hometown, mom's house, for a refreshing trip in the woods.

Single, again!

I'm back, single again and healed of this fucking disease called love. For now, I search good time with boys and girls, for one night, one week, but no more. Kiera is always a great friend for me, she's in my heart, but our love story end for many complicated things. So, who want a hot girl for happy nights?

End of an era...

After three disastrous relationship with the wrong men, I choose love in the arms of my old and sexy friend, Kiera. We are together now, not for all our life, but for a long time, I'm sure. Kiera love girls until her youth, and we hug countless times. Now it's time to be together all days, and it's cool, it's pretty hot, sexy and sometimes naughty, but the most important, it's our complicity, maybe it's forever, maybe not, the most important is that we are together, happy and stronger than every of my past relationships!

My L GirL {BRinKo} .

No words can describe that. Try, with your L Girl, try and taste this cosmic joy.

Outweighted !

No no no ! I cannot be like that ! I'm alone but alive, and eating to bad like I do, it's to dangerous ! So, diet ! But not with pharma-food, just vegetables, good thinking and sport ! Laura want I ran with her in the park, so, come on sexy girl, I want that !


For now I'm single, I quite my last wrong man, who stole my cash and go with another girls. My job is boring, but I can live quietly and alone. My ambition for now : Keep low profile for men, completing my cd collection, find a cat and learn a new language, chineese I think !


It's a shot of me and my friend, Laura. She was my sweetest wetty girl of my most wonderful nights, when I was to bad, sick and in doubt. She was my L girl for weeks, the anchor of my life, and I love her forever, like no other girls, and most than all of my men. She's hot, courageous and very smart, I can take hours for admiring her, hearing her beautiful laugh, watching for a smile, it's my L girl.


It's harsh times for human beings on this exhausted planet ! It's hard to us, with bad attitudes toward the ecology and the environemental protection, to take the right choices. In my life, I choose to take less bath and more shower, it seems stupid, but the water become the top priority problem in many parts of the world, and we don't have another planet... So, when I take bath, I take shots, because it's rare and this are happy moments ! 

Hi everyone !

Easter is my favorite period of the year, lot of good moments in my childhood, lot of sexy instants in my school years ! I love this tradition, even if the traditionnal, who's very ancient and darker, is not the official one of our modern days ! But no matter ! I love easter !

Hi everybody! I'm Jess and I welcome you in my bathroom! Not only this wetty room, but in all my virtual house, yeah, like a Sims mansion! I hope you find smiles and very interesting stuff here!