Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast

This is the first Nigella cookbook I've owned and it is really good! I would highly recommend it. My kids love all the recipes we've tried and are always asking me if I'm going to make something from my new cookbook. Since I am a novice cook, I've found that the recipes are easy to follow and are spot on. The results of my cooking actually look like the picture ( which is quite a miracle for me)! I also enjoy the conversational tone of her book, and the pointers she throws in here and there...almost like having a friend in the kitchen showing you how. I saw one reviewer who complained that the ingredients were difficult to find; however, I live on an island with very limited shopping options and have been able to find most of the ingredients. It took a little hunting around at my local grocery store, since I didn't know what section to look in, but I found them!  

Yeah, i's me in my kitchen... Hot like Nigella!

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